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Our mission

About the Gallery

About the Gallery

Strolling around in the bustle of downtown Budapest’s party district a tiny, but all the more lovable, gallery is revealed to those that are lovers of art.  Located on 30 Kazinczy Street, Jancsó Art Gallery is a pioneering initiative that has been created and operated by the painter, Zoltán Jancsó, since 2014.

The gallery absorbs into its soil a variety of artists and styles and sprouts the wild blooms of a diversity of artistic branches. Exhibitors are as diverse as the visitors coming from all over the world. At the same time, Jancsó Art Gallery is not just an exhibition space: it provides space for creation and for the finished pieces of art. The gallery also brings together artists and art lovers with its regular community programs. The vision is to have exhibitors that are not rivals to each other, but friends and inspiration instead.

Those who step down into this cellar immediately feel like they are Alice in Wonderland. Through the miniature door: the visitor is sucked in by the vibrant colors, the brisk or fancifully precise brushstrokes, exciting materials and textures, and eventually the shapes become life stories before our eyes.


For our Visitors

The exhibitions are free to view; the artworks are also available for purchase.  Come visit us from time to time, since the pieces of art are constantly changing and new exhibitors are joining us constantly!

We are happy to see you stop by, even for just a few minutes before going to party or a restaurant. That is enough time to get absorbed. There’s sure to be a picture on our wall that grabs your attention and takes you somewhere, makes you smile or wonder.

It might even happen that one of the pictures gets your attention so much that you could imagine it in your home or workplace. In this case, feel free to inquire about details (you might even run into the creator, as artists often meet here in this cheerful gallery).



For Artists

You do not need to be a trained artist; you can even be a rough diamond! If you would like to show yourself and what you got to an audience, contact us for details! (0620/911-7435) We can provide you space, where you can paint and get to know people with similar interests. Our wall might just be missing your art.

Moreover, your work will not be collecting dust in a secluded gallery, as Kazinczy Street has become one of the most popular pedestrian streets in Budapest. There will always be helpful and smiling faces waiting for you!


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